France 1/2 Sol and 1 Sol  1777 to 1791
France 1/2 Sol and 1 Sol 1777 to 1791

More than likely, Corey, you have an old sol or half sol from King Louis XVI of France. There are other copper coins that look similar, but the spelling of the inscriptions are a little different. If your coin looks like our picture, which comes from Alain Cheilan of 123 Numismatique, a respected coin dealer in Toulon, France, then you have a sol or half sol. A different spelling of FRANCIAE would lead to a French coin called a liard.

When an old French coin looks as good as Alain's, it can command a significant price. The coin in our picture is for sale a 220 euros, about $300 US dollars. It is in superb condition, which warrants a hefty price tag. Lesser condition engenders lesser price. An problems like corrosion, scratches, stains, cleanings, and holes run the price down to essentially zero.

Below we present some very approximate catalog values for these coins. Remember that catalog values are inflated values, and you must use the guidelines presented on our Terminology page to deduce actual buy and sell values, which are lower than catalog values.

HALF SOL: 25 mm diameter
worn: $3 US dollars approximate catalog value
average circulated: $18
well preserved: $85

SOL: 30 mm diameter
worn: $3 US dollars approximate catalog value
average circulated: $16
well preserved: $75

Coin: 6785 , Genre: Colonizers and Colonies
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Answered by: Paul, Thu, 26-Jun-2014 20:04:45 GMT
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Requester description: 1778 Inscriptions on reverse: 1778 FRANCIE ET NAVARRE R EX, FRONT: LUDOV XVI D GRTAIA Devices on reverse: Kings crown with three fleur de lis inside what looks like a sheild.
Tags: france 1 2 sol sun gaul francaises francais french rf francaise francie franciaise franciase francai fran fracaise sunrise sola sunburst sunshine sunset sunlight sols inscriptions monogram et navarre ludov louis xvi kings king crown three fleur flower lis sheild shield script inscription letter monograms initial scripts initals calligraphy caligraphy letters lettering scrip lettered initials navar navarra navarrae ludovico ludovicus luis lvd ludouicus luiz louise ludovicis lodovico luise ludovicvs ludovigus lud lvdovicvs crowned tiara crowns tiarra crowning tiera florets blossom fler fleurs lises petals leis lisse flowerettes flur stems trefoils floral lily petels orchid posy bouquet flowers flour orcid bud lilly lei petal bloomed trefoil floret floer stem flowery lilys fluer fleures pedals arms coats shiled crests chevrons shild escucheon insignia arm coat crested crest chevron creast shields escutcheon gratia grattia dog wolf coyote wolfhound bulldog


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