Germany Saxony Albertine Thaler  1694 to 1733
Germany Saxony Albertine Thaler 1694 to 1733

Nice coin, Huey. You did not describe the devices, so all we have to go on are your supplied inscriptions. Your coin is certainly from the old German State of Saxony (Sachsen) and comes from the time of King Friedrich August (1694 to 1733). Several different coins can have similar inscriptions, so we have taken our best shot at yours.

All these old silver thalers are fairly rare and the biggest factor in their value is condition. Typical catalog values for your coin (if we got the right coin) might be:

worn: $250
average circulated: $600
well preserved: $1500

The coin in the picture comes from Manfred Olding in Osnabrück, Germany, and CoinQuest thanks them for use of their image.

Remember to refer to our Important Terminology page found on the top left side of the page, where the differences between actual value and the term 'catalog values' is explained.

Coin: 6820 , Genre: Central Europe North South
Requested by: Huey, Wed, 16-Feb-2011 03:44:05 GMT
Answered by: Paul, Thu, 26-Jun-2014 23:29:18 GMT
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Requester description: 1695 Front: FRID.AUGUST.DG.DUX.SAXICM AandW Reverse: CHIM and ELECT X1695 SACROMIM.PAR 2/3
Tags: germany saxony albertine albert thaler deustch bundesrepublik deutchland bundsrepublik deutschen deutiches deutsches deutscherlander deuches bundesrepublic germanic bundesrublika deutschland dutchland deutsch deutsche deut deutshen bundesrepublika deutscher german devtsch deutches deutchlands deutchen deutschlands devtscher saxsony saxonie saxon sacchsen saschen saxe sachsen sachs saxsonie albertvs albertus alberto vereinsthaler joachimstaler taler thalers frid august dux saxicm chim elect x sacromim par 2 3 avgu augus aug elected electoral elector sword friedrich sworeds swordlike swords broadsword saber arms shield crest sheild coats shiled crests chevrons shild escucheon insignia arm coat crested chevron creast shields escutcheon


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