Great Britain Penny  1825 to 1827
Great Britain Penny 1825 to 1827

You found this coin in a garden? Neat! I imagine it does not look quite as good as this one from Tony Clayton. But it is still a grand old coin.

British pennies are large, artistic, intriguing coins. There are several smaller coins with almost identical designs.

PENNY: 32 mm diameter
1/2 PENNY: 27 mm
1/2 FARTHING: 17 mm
1/3 FARTHING: 15 mm

This page applies only to pennies. For the other coins, click to this CoinQuest page.

Here's a run-down of catalog values for George IV pennies:

worn: $10 US dollars approximate catalog value
average circulated: $80
well preserved: $400
fully uncirculated: $1000
coins dated 1827 are rare and catalog at $1235 when average circulated, $18750 when fully uncirculated. Beware of counterfeits or tooled dates!

Use our Important Terminology link to properly interpret these catalog values.

The brown/green oxidation on Mike's coin is common. It is sometimes called 'bronze disease' among coin collectors, but is more accurately referred to as verdigris. Chemically, it is the acetate salt of copper. I have heard, but I have never done it, that soaking a coin in olive oil for a long, long time somehow removes the verdigris. If your coin were valuable, I'd never try it. But for a few dollars, why not?

By the way, Mike, you should perhaps return to your garden and look for an 1827 specimen. You never know!

Coin: 718 , Genre: Colonizers and Colonies
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Requester description: 1825 GEORGIUS IV DEI GHITIA 1825 opposit side BRITANNIAR REX FID DEF DIA. 34MM
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