Austria 1 and 4 Ducat  1852 to 1866
Austria 1 and 4 Ducat 1852 to 1866

Old gold ducats from Austria are beautiful coins, and quite valuable. There are problems in today's market for such coins because of the strong interest in gold ownership. These coins, dated 1852 to 1866, are most certainly numismatic gold, not bullion gold. There are shysters out there selling gold coins (some counterfeit) for much more than they are worth.

Shown in our picture, the 1 ducat coins measure approximately 20 mm in diameter and contain 0.111 troy ounces of gold. Genuine coins cannot be worth less than their basic gold value, which is found by multiplying the current spot value of gold (look it up at by 0.111.

The 4 ducat coins measure approximatedly 40 mm in diameter and contain 0.443 troy ounces of gold. Figure their basic gold value as described in the preceding paragraph. Note that the bust of King Franz Joseph (Franc Ios) on the 4 ducat coin is different than that of the 1 ducat coin, but the overall design and inscriptions are the same. There is a number 4 in parentheses, like this: (4), under the eagle of the 4 ducat coins.

All of the 4 ducat coins are quite valuable. To the basic gold value:

add $100 if the coin is worn
add approximately $1000 if the coin is well preserved and dated before 1872; add $300 if after 1871
add approximately $2500 if the coin is fully uncirculated and dated before 1872; add $1000 if after 1871

then apply the concepts on our Important Terminology page to convert these catalog values to actual buy and sell values.

The 1 ducat coins follow the same pattern of values, except there are some specific dates and mint marks that carry premiums over the *common date* coins. Here are approximate values to add to the basic gold value for most dates and mint marks of 1 ducat coins:

add $50 if the coin is worn
add $100 if the coin is well preserved
add $200 if the coin is fully uncirculated

Finally, check your 1 ducat coin against the list below of *better date* coins. The value shown is the approximate value to add for well preserved coins; fully uncirculated coins will be worth more, worn or damaged coins will be worth much less. The 'V' and 'M' mint marks are found near the date. Other mint marks are 'A', 'B', and 'E'. Coins must have the mint marks shown below to qualify for *better date* values.

1854V: $800
1855V: $600
1856V: $600
1857V: $600
1858M: $1600
1858V: $600
1859V: $600
1860V: $600
1861V: $1200
1862V: $600
1863V: $400
1864V: $1200
1865V: $600
1866V: $1000

Coin: 7543 , Genre: Central Europe North South
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