Medal: US Ben Franklin Natus (Dupre)  1845 to 1860
Medal: US Ben Franklin Natus (Dupre) 1845 to 1860

Created by the French sculptor Augustin Dupré, Franklin's birth (natus) medal states in Latin ERIPUIT COELO FULMEN SCEPTRUM QUE TYRANNIS, 'He snatched the thunderbolt from heaven and the sceptre from tyrants.'

There is a superb collection of these medals at the NeoCollect web site, and CoinQuest thanks johegar for use of the the photo. It is a beauty!

As to value, we will take our cues from two big time dealers:

- Stack's natus medal
- Heritage natus medal

The Stack's medal sold for $253 US dollars in 2006, and the Heritage medal sold for $1380 in 2003.

According to expert Tony Lopez of NeoCollect, the Stack's medal shows 'rust' around Franklin's bust, a property that indicates the piece was struck with older, original dies, rather than more modern replacement dies. Restrikes, i.e., coins struck after the original date shown, are generally less valuable than original strikes.

In summary, Franklin natus medals retail in the neighborhood of $1000, sometimes more, seldom less. Remember that if you are selling such a medal through a third party you must pay the dealer or auction house for their efforts.

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