Belgium 2 Francs  1944
Belgium 2 Francs 1944

They don't come more plain-vanilla than this war time issue coin from Belgium. I guess they could have left off the leaves!

These coins were minted only in 1944 and are made of zinc-plated steel. Catalog values start around 50 US cents for worn specimens, and increase to $5 US dollars for fully uncirculated.

During the war, the US produced coins for Belgium. Some coins were in error struck on silver planchets meant to become Dutch 25 cents issues, since the US also produced coins for the Netherlands during the war! This mix-up has caused these silver 2 francs to have high values today, starting around $300 catalog value for worn coins and increasing to $700 for uncirculated specimens.

Coins struck in silver will be shiny, 19 millimeters in diameter, and weigh 3.575 grams. They are valuable.

Coins struck in zinc-plated steel will be dull, also 19 millimeters in diameter, but only weigh 2.75 grams. They are not very valuable.

Another fun fact: the planchets used for these 2 francs were the same as those used for the US wartime steel pennies.

Coin: 7831 , Genre: Central Europe North South
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Requester description: 1944 Small star over belgique belgie. Under that are 2 small plants; 2 fr with small line underneath. Same plant on each side of 2 fr. HIGHLY MAGNETIC!
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