Italy 5 Centesimi  1936 to 1943
Italy 5 Centesimi 1936 to 1943

The eagle is clutching a fasces, Mitch. That is an axes tied in a bundle of rods that indicates jurisdiction or strength through unity. You find this ancient Roman symbol on many Italian coins, and also in other countries. American has a fasces on its old Mercury (or 'winged Liberty') dimes.

The coin in our picture comes from repsected eBay seller BULCOINS in Sofia, Bulgaria. It is in good shape and therefore commands strong collector value.

Our catalogs indicate typical values for these coins as follows:

worn: less than $1 US dollar
average circulated: $1 approximate catalog value
well preserved (like the picture): $3
fully uncirculated: $8

We believe these values are somewhat low, since you do not see many examples of this coin in the marketplace. Remember, however, these are catalog values and must be adjusted downward to find actual buy and sell prices. Use our Important Terminology page to understand how catalog values work.

The values above apply to all the dates in the series except as follows. These dates are more rare and therefore higher in value. The number after the date is an approximate catalog value for coins in well preserved condition.

1936: $20
1937: $10
1943: $15

CoinQuest thanks BULCOINS for use of their coin photo. It is a nice one!

Coin: 7833 , Genre: Central Europe North South
Requested by: Mitch, Wed, 25-May-2011 03:04:20 GMT
Answered by: Paul, Thu, 21-Nov-2013 09:32:40 GMT
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Requester description: 1940 Italia above eagle with spread wings standing on axe. XVIII at head of axe. shield with cross in-between c. And 5 at bottom; man with mustache, vitt em III re e imp with dot in between each word.
Tags: italy 5 centesimi italiana italians italian ditalia italiane italia itali centesimos centisimos centesimo centisimo centisimi eagle wings wing standing stand axe xviii head shield cross man mustache vitt vittorio iii imp dot eaglets egals egal eagles eagel winged stands axes hatchet axhead ax axehead arms sheild coats shiled crests chevrons shild escucheon insignia arm coat crested crest chevron creast shields escutcheon male mens mans vitturio vitorio vittori beaded period dotted beading beads point periods dots points bead fasces crown tiara hawk falcon crowned crowns tiarra crowning tiera


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