Portugal 200 Reis  1909
Portugal 200 Reis 1909

Yo, Dean -- Check the date on your coin. It is probably 1909, not 1902. King Carlos I was ruling Portugal during 1902, so his name and likeness would appear on coins of that year. King Manuel II did not show up until 1908. Since your coin has Manuel's name, it is probably dated after 1908.

(Note: If you have a Manuel coin dated 1902, please send us a picture.)

Assuming you have a 1909 200 reis, the values are in the middle of the road. Here are some typical catalog values:

worn: $2 US dollars approximate catalog value
averge circulated (like our picture): $6
well preserved: $12
fully uncirculated: $25

The coin in our picture comes from a cool new web site, CoinQuest thanks CoinDatabase for use of their coin photo.

As usual on CoinQuest, we have quoted catalog values. These are inflated over actual buy and sell values, as explained in detail on our Terminology page.

Coin: 7930 , Genre: Colonizers and Colonies
Requested by: Dean, Fri, 10-Jun-2011 11:02:04 GMT
Answered by: Paul, Sun, 24-Nov-2013 14:53:20 GMT
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Requester description: 1902 200reis with crown above. side face at back emanvel ii portvg:ET algarb rex
Tags: portugal 200 reis crown emanvel emanuel ii portvg et algarb algarve rex crowned tiara crowns tiarra crowning tiera emmanuele emanuele emanvele portvcvesa portvgvesa portugaliae portugese portugalia portuguesa portugel portugali portoguesa portugueza portugalie portug portuguese portugesa wreath wreathed rief reif reef wreathe wreat garland wreth wreah wreaths ribbon leaves leaf greenery leafs boughs liafy bush leave leaved bough leafe leafed leafy leavs foliage


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