US Seated Liberty Half Dollar  1839 to 1891
US Seated Liberty Half Dollar 1839 to 1891

Your 1875 Seated Liberty half dollar catalogs for $40 US dollars in average circulated condition. If your coin had little or no wear, the catalog value would rise to $200 or more. Be sure you understand what 'catalog' means. Read the Terminology page for an explanation.


These are grand old coins that are eagerly sought by collectors of US coinage. Your 1875 date is a rather common one, Jake. If we divide these coins into two groups, most are *common date* coins and follow these general rules of value:

COMMON DATE COINS (coins not in list below):
worn: $30 US dollars catalog value
average circulated (like our picture): $70
well preserved: $130
fully uncirculated: $500

There are also *better date* coins that are listed here:

All coins between 1879 and 1890

The better date coins above catalog well over $100 in worn condition, and much more when well preserved. Be sure to check for presence or absence of mint marks, which appear under the eagle on the back side. There are tons of web sites on the Internet that give catalog values for US coins. Find one to look up the better dates. It may be worth your while! Our favorite US site is: Coin Auctions Help [click here].

The GrandDaddy of the series is the 1853O, which catalogs for $160,000 in average circulated condition. There are also several subtle variations that can bring big bucks from collectors who specialize in this series of US coins.

If you have an old Seated Liberty half and want to get further into coin collecting, explore the Internet for a wealth of information on the subject. Coin collecting is called the King of Hobbies.

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