Canada Newfoundland 1 Cent  1938 to 1947
Canada Newfoundland 1 Cent 1938 to 1947

There are lots of coins with plants on them. This is the only one I know of with a carnivorous plant. The famous pitcher plant eats bugs. Yum!

The small cent coins from Newfoundland are somewhat rare and strongly collectible. Some varieties carry high premiums for such a modern coin, especially when in good condition. carnivorous pitcher plantHere are some typical catalog values for these coins. These values apply to all dates and mint marks except those noted below:

worn: less than $1 US dollar approximate catalog value
average circulated (like our picture): $1
well preserved: $4
fully uncirculated: $30

Remember these are catalog values and they must be adjusted by applying the concepts on our Terminology page. In general, actual buy and sell values will be less than these catalog values.

If you have a bunch of these coins and want to have some numismatic (coin collecting) fun, look for special varieties in this series. Get out your magnifier and look for C mint marks and re-engraved dates. If you find them, the list below shows the valuable ones. The price quoted is catalog value for problem-free coins in average circulated condition:

1940: $5
1940 re-engraved date: $85
1941C re-engraved date: $40
1944C: $10
1947C: $5

Coins with a re-engraved date will have faintly doubled numerals. Usually the '4' will be the clearest. Use a magnifier and look around the edges of the numbers. If you see doubled lines, it's a valuable coin with a re-engraved date. Coins that are worn or average circulated will often have too much fine detail missing to properly see if the date is re-engraved or not. A collector buying one of these special coins would prefer if there's no doubt.

Thanks to for their picture of the cool pitcher plant.

Coin: 8338 , Genre: Colonizers and Colonies
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Requester description: 1947 Newfoundland 1947 One Cent with Picture Plant on one side. GEORGIVS VI DEI GRA. REX ET IND. IMP. with king face and crown on other side.
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