US Franklin Half Dollar  1948 to 1963
US Franklin Half Dollar 1948 to 1963

It sounds like your Franklin half dollar is in good shape. MS60 is an uncirculated grade, and your coin is in a cardboard holder.

US half dollars contain 0.361 troy ounces of silver. No matter what, they are worth at least their weight in silver. Even if they are worn, cleaned, or damaged, their minimum value is 0.361 times the current price of silver. Look up the price on

Here are lists of the current average Grey Sheet wholesale bids on common date Benjies before and after 1956. In the lists, MS65 means absolutley, fully uncirculated with nary a mark, spot, or scratch, MS60 means fully uncirculated, but a little beat up from being rattled around with other uncirculated coins, and AU means circulated but still in excellent shape.

Before 1956:
MS65: $100 US dollars
MS64: $55
MS63: $35
MS60: $25
AU50: $20
Lower than AU50: $17

1956 and after:
MS65: $70
MS64: $28
MS63: $22
MS60: $18
AU50: $14
Lower than AU50: $13

By far, most of these dates will apply with the values in the two tables given above. In fact, unless you have a coin in absolutely, fully uncirculated condition, chances are that the above values are a very good approximation.

For coins that are fully uncirculated, these are the good dates and mint marks. The value after the date and mint is the approximate catalog value for problem-free coins in the uncirculated condition corresponding to numismatic grade MS-60.
1949 and 1949D: $45
1949S: $70
1952S: $40

If your coin has unusually good eye appeal, is pure white with plenty of luster, or has better than average strike, the value goes up. Normally dealers buy coins from the general public at 70% of Grey Sheet or less.

There is a little something with these coins that is sure to get collector juices flowing. The first step is to have a coin that is completely uncirculated. Pick it up and look at the side with the big bell. Along the bottom of the bell, several lines go all the way around.
If these lines are completely uninterrupted, without any tickmarks, small scratches, tiny hairlines or anything of that sort, then the coin could carry a premium. When these lines on the bell are uninterrupted, it is known as a coin with full bell lines. If you believe that you have a fully uncirculated coin with full bell lines, it might be a good idea to get the goin professionally graded by a numismatic corporation such as the PCGS or the NGS - they will put the coin into a protective slab where it cannot be tampered with, and certify that the coin is indeed uncirculated, and struck with full, uninterrupted bell lines.

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