Great Britain Enameled World Crowns  1675 to Date
Great Britain Enameled World Crowns 1675 to Date

There are three things that make old coins worthy collectibles:

- History
- Artistry
- Precious metal

Some coin artwork is truly beautiful, and sometimes people enhance it with color. Crown-sized coins, bigger than 30 mm diameter, are often selected by artists for colorization. Much of the time pins, brooches, and bevels are affixed to the colored coins to make jewelry.

Most coin collectors, fussy purists that they are, shun painted coins and consider them damaged goods as far as their collections go. The markets for painted coins are therefore the jewelry and novelty market. The underlying collector value of the coin is canceled by the colorization.

The coins in our picture come from Goldberg Coins and Collectibles, where they sold at auction in the range of $75 to $200 US dollars. These are typical retail values for such pieces. Wholesale values would be about one-half retail.

CoinQuest thanks Goldbergs for use of their coin photos. They are beauties!

You can see a colorized US coin at this CoinQuest link.

Coin: 8772 , Genre: Colonizers and Colonies
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Requester description: 1695 george 111 on one side with four shields, dark blue, red ,yellow and white with a pale blue lion in centre on coloured blue enamel background,lettering around .....mag brfra sthib rex
Tags: great britain enameled enamel world crowns crown britaain uk brit brittan brittrex brittain england britian britt english britan british britsh britanniarun brilt brittish enamal worlds crowned tiara crwon crpwn tiarra crowning tiera george one four shields shield dark yellow white pale lion coloured color lettering letter mag brfra sthib rex geroge stgeorge glorgivs georgius georgvs georgeivs georgious giorgi geroges geogius georg geogivs georgian geor gearge georgivis georgium georger georgia georgvis goerg georgevs georgivs ones sheild shiled shied chevrons shileld shild escucheon shelid chevron ashield colours coloring colour colored leters letters lettered rexm rexind rexx rexetind paint




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