Mexico Chihuahua 5 Centavos  1914 and 1915
Mexico Chihuahua 5 Centavos 1914 and 1915

The Mexican Revolutionary war was a major armed struggle 1910-1920 that radically transformed Mexican politics and society. This war is of particular interest to numismatists (coin collectors) because it sparked many local mints into action, producing coinage in various denominations from 1 centavo to 1 and 2 pesos. This person's coin comes from the norther state of Chihuaha (like the little dog). Studying the Mexican Revolution through coinage is a sizable numismatic project, because hundreds of different coins were minted by 10 different Mexican States in many different metals.

The starbust and liberty cap is a popular design on Mexican cois. The annotation EJERCITO CONSTITUCIONALISTA means 'Constitutionalist Army.'

Values for this coin are difficult to pin-point. The common variety (shown in our picture) catalogs as follows:

worn: $4 US dollar approximate catalog value
average circulated: $12
well preserved: $32

There are several variations listed in coin catalogs, with small variations in pattern, design, and composition. A few of the variations are rare, and the value goes up accordingly.

If you have one of these coins, consult a good coin catalog (at the library, for instance) or find a knowledgable coin dealer or coin collector and ask.

Remember catalog values are inflated. Use our Important Terminology page.

Coin: 8927 , Genre: Colonizers and Colonies
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