Colombia 16 Pesos  1837 to 1853
Colombia 16 Pesos 1837 to 1853

Yo, Charlie,

I am relieved to hear that your coin is authenticated, graded, and encapsulated by the Numismatic Guarantee Company (NGC). Many of the inquiries we get for truly rare coins are very likely counterfeits from China. Yours, obviously, is not. NGC stands behind their coins.

The Krause Mischler Standard Catalog of World Coins says over $2500 US dollars for your coin in extra fine (XF) condition. Your coin is considerably higher grade than XF. MS61 is a lofty uncirculated grade. Not only that, your coin contains 0.78 troy ounces of pure gold, so a base value would be about $1075 in today's gold market. The value of gold changes every day, so be sure to look it up.

Here are some very approximate catalog values for these coins:

worn: $1100 US Dollars approximate catalog value
average circulated: $1600
well preserved: $1800
fully uncirculated: $2200 and up
Coins dated 1848 are less common and are worth about $200 dollars extra.
Coins dated 1849 are scarce and worth about $700 extra.

Coins without the R.S. initials at the end of the legend on the reverse (the side with the condor) are rare, multiply the above values by 2.
Coins dated 1851 without the R.S. initials are extremely rare, multiply the above values by 3.

Coin: 902 , Genre: Colonizers and Colonies
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Requester description: 1842 one oz of gold it is a 1842-rs colombia 16p bogota ms61 by ngc my number is 305.519.3989 my name charlie thank u.
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