Netherlands 5 Cents  1907 to 1909
Netherlands 5 Cents 1907 to 1909

Isn't that a nice-looking coin? I really like the artwork. Some coins you see are not pretty at all, and some are just plain ugly. Not this one! It's neat.

Brenda's coin is a 5 cent piece from the Netherlands, made of copper-nickel. Coins with this design were minted only in 1907, 1908, and 1909. The *good date* is 1909, which is worth about three times more than the earlier dates. Here are catalog values for 1907 and 1908 coins:

worn: $3 US dollars approximate catalog value
average circulated: $6
well preserved: $15
fully uncirculated: $35

Be sure to convert these values to actual buy and sell values using our Important Terminology page.

Coin: 9133 , Genre: Colonizers and Colonies
Requested by: Brenda, Sun, 16-Oct-2011 02:02:25 GMT
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Requester description: 1907 Hi my name is Brenda and I have been looking on your site for some info on foreign coins one I am having trouble finding info on is a 1907 5 cent piece from the nederland and all that is on it on the front it has the # 5 with the word cents below and a horseshoe wreath of flowers on the back is a crown with the word nederland and the date 1907 at the bottom . Thank you for your help
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