Token: Great Britain Chichester Half Penny  1794
Token: Great Britain Chichester Half Penny 1794

If you look closely on the edge of your Chichester token, Ian, you will see PAYABLE AT DALLYS CHICHESTER. Dally and Son were drapers (wholesale clothiers) in Chichester, Sussex, in south central England. Like many tradesmen of the time, they produced tokens to support commerce in their establishment. If you can find a specimen in nice condition today, it is worth quite a bit of money to collectors of old tokens.

Trade tokens come in all sizes and shapes. You can more about them on the page located, located at this link.

The token in our picture comes from eBay seller UKCoins2009 in Worcestershire, UK. It is in beautiful condition and would make a fine addition to any collection of well-preserved trade tokens.

Here are some estimates of catalog values for these tokens. Remember that catalog values are inflated values, and must be tempered using the concepts presented on our Terminology page.

worn: $10 US dollars approximate catalog value
average circulated: $60
well preserved (like the picture): $120
fully uncirculated: $250

CoinQuest thanks UKCoins2009 for use of their photo. It is a beauty!

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Requester description: 1794 picture of cathedral with Chichester halfpenny. Queen Elizabeth.
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