Germany Prussia Thaler and 2 Thaler  1861 to 1871
Germany Prussia Thaler and 2 Thaler 1861 to 1871

Look at the gorgeous coin in our picture. It comes from Wolfgang Rittig in Schwelm, Germany where it is on sale for 129 euros, about $175 US dollars. In such fine shape it commands a good price. Worn coins will be worth much less.

The old German State of Prussia issued these large silver thalers (pronounced like 'dollars' with a 't') in one- and two-thaler denominations. Two thalers is sometimes called 3 1/2 gulden. The coins look basically the same, although the 2 thaler is, of course, larger and heavier, with slightly different inscriptions. Here are some silver stats:

1 THALER: 33 mm diameter, 0.54 troy ounces silver content
2 THALER: 40 mm diameter, 1.07 ounces

Catalog values for these coins are roughly equivalent for most dates. The listings below give very approximate values which must be adjusted using the proceedures outlined on our Important Terminology page.

worn: $15 US dollars approximate catalog value
average circulated: $25
well preserved: $80
fully uncirculated: $200
1 thalers dated 1867B, 1867C, 1868B, 1868C, 1869B, 1869C are more rare and worth about twice these values
1 thalers dated 1866A are more common and worth about one-half these values

worn: $150 US dollars approximate catalog value
average circulated: $300
well preserved: $750
fully uncirculated: $1200
2 thalers dated 1861A, 1862A are more rare and worth about twice these values
2 thalers dated 1863A are very rare and catalog at $5000 in average circulated condition

Coin: 9747 , Genre: Central Europe North South
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Requester description: 1861 Front: Wilhelm Koenig Von Preussen bust with A at bottom. Back: Ein Vereinsthaler XXX Ein Pfund Fein, German eagle in center, looks like sword or staff in one claw, ball of soil with cross in other claw. Around the edge it says mit, picture of vine, maltise cross, picture of vine, uns, vine, another cross, another vine, gott, another vine,small cross, another vine.
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My THALER is a little different... The eagle On my coinIs wearing the crown And I have the letters CLXXX?Instead of just XXX Does that MINE maybe counterfeit because I'd like to know if it or is mine just rare or just different???

- ryan
That's not enough of a description for us to tell for sure. Consider submitting your request in the normal fashion (press the Free Appraisal button when it appears). If we get your request, we will do the research and answer your question. You did not, for instance, specify the date on your coin. - CoinQuest (Paul)





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