Token ~ Jeton: France Monneron (Hercules) 1 and 5 Sols  1792
Token ~ Jeton: France Monneron (Hercules) 1 and 5 Sols 1792

Coin shortages are very common during periods of unrest. During the American Civil War, for instance, official government-issued coins were not available, and entrepreneurs manufactured 'Civil War Tokens' to fill the need for coins. During the World Wars, Germany had similar problems and 'Notgeld' (emergengy money) was the result.

During the French Revolution a enterprising family started to manufacture coins in respsone to severe shortages. This coin is one of the results of the Monneron Brothers industry. The symbology describes the resolve of the French people, represented by a fasces, or bundle of rods lashed together. Even Hercules cannot break their strong resolve.

The Monneron Token in our picture comes from in Paris. Several years ago this specimen sold for about 350 French francs, or about $70 US dollars. This gives an idea of value for such tokens. More wear means less value, less wear means more value, and damage (such as spots, scratches, cleanings, gouges and the like) means zero value.

1 (UN) SOL:
worn: $50 US dollars approximate catalog value
average circulated: $300
well preserved: $550

worn: $40
average circulated: $175
well preserved: $300

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Requester description: 1792 Front of Coin: Device: Hercules with scepter-like object and pilar in background Insciption: LES FRANCAIS UNIS SONT INVINCIBLES L'AN IV DE LA LIBERTE Back: REVOLUTION FRANCAIS MEDAILLE QUI SE VEND CINQ-SOLS A PARIS CHEZ MONNERON (PATENTE) Outer Edge of Coin: La Confiance Augmentr La Valrur 00000
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