Egypt 5 and 10 Milliemes  1938 to 1943
Egypt 5 and 10 Milliemes 1938 to 1943

Use the table on this page to read the date on these coins using the one-to-one mapping of eastern Arabic numerals to Hindu Arabic numerals that are used throughout the Western world. The coin in the photo has two dates: 1943 and 1362. Both dates are the same and consistent with each other. The 1362 date uses a Muslim calendar known as Hijra based on lunar (not solar) years starting when Mohammed was alive in the 600s AD.

The denomination, also, appears in eastern Arabic numerals. The coin in our picture is a 10 milliemes piece. Nye's coin is a 5 milliemes piece, with an egg-shaped numeral 5 at the center.

These are modern coins and not worth very much unless they are in superb numismatic (coin collector) condition.

Typical values are a few cents for worn specimens, a few dollars for circulated coins like the one in our picture, and $5 to $10 US dollars for fully uncirculated examples.

Coin: 9916 , Genre: Islamic Hindu Buddhist
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Requester description: The writing is in a language which I think is Arabic, and I think the coin might be Egyptian. On one side there is a man facing left, wearing some kind of uniform and a tall flat topped hat. The other side has a hollow, egg shaped design in the center with writing all around it. The coin isn't round, but crinkled at the edge.
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