Italy 20 and 100 Lire  1923
Italy 20 and 100 Lire 1923

Check the date, Ssob. Italy did not mint any 20 lire coins in 1925. Your coin is likely dated 1923, like the one in my picture.

If I got this right, and the coin in the picture is your coin. It was issued on the first anniversary of Italy's fascist government. The bundle of rods with an axe is called a fasces, and is a symbol of strength and power, used since Roman times. American 'Mercury' dimes have a fasces on the back.

Both the 20 and 100 lire coins are quite rare. Figure a value equal to the bullion value of gold in the coin, plus a collector premium. Mounting in jewelry renders collector premium toward zero, or almost zero, so the only thing left is gold bullion value. Collector premium is the amount over and above the bullion value that a collector is willing to pay to add a coin to his or her collection. We give estimates of collector premium for these two coins in what follows on this page.

Due to rarity, one must be careful of counterfeits. If you have doubts that the coin is truly genuine, then it is probably a fake. Write to CoinQuest if you are unsure in the area of authenticity. We may be able to help. We will probably ask you to send us a picture.

Here are the stats for these coins:

20 LIRE: 21 mm diameter, 0.187 troy ounces gold
100 LIRE: 34 mm diameter, 0.933 troy ounces gold

These days gold bullion is worth a mountain of US dollars. The 20 lire contains 0.1867 troy ounces of gold. At a conservative $1400 US dollars per ounce, the bullion value is 0.1867 x $900 = $260. Not too shabby! Look up the current value of gold on It changes every day. Do a similar calculation if you have a 100 lire piece.

With modern coins, collector premium is small unless the coin is rare or in fantastic, i.e., fully, absolutely uncirculated, condition. Since both the 20 and 100 lire are rare, the collector premiums are substantial for genuine coins:

20 LIRE:
mounted in jewelry: collector premium $20 added to gold value
worn: collector premium $200
uncirculated: $2000

100 LIRE:
mounted in jewelry: collector premium $100 added to gold value
worn: collector premium $700
uncirculated: $6000


Coin: 995 , Genre: Central Europe North South
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