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Discussion thread:

By: HistoryLover

Coins of the World
Metallic yellow

3 days ago
Post: 4294
Inscription: In Tempestate Securitas - Questions: Identification? Value?

I have this coin, it seems really old. Everything on it is engraved and it is of gold material. I have no clue when it was made or anything like that. Would any of you know its value? I'm a bit stumped. Thanks!!!

By: Joshua
Web references:
1. [www.coinarchives]
2. [collections.rmg.]
2 days ago
Post: 4301
Your medal looks to be quite similar to the one in the first link to the left of this post.

Though, in terms of authenticity, as I am not an expert in this field, I am uncertain if it is real. From what I can find out, as the originals were minted in gold, perhaps you could try to have your one checked out by a jeweler if it was minted in actual gold.

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