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Discussion thread:

By: Brandi

Modern Coins
Metallic yellow

2 days ago
Post: 4295
Date: 2004 - Inscription: Iowa - Questions: Identification? Value?

I had never seen a coin like this. It's hard to tell in the picture but it looks like a normal quarter on the front and then the back looks gold (not in splotches but consistently). Any information would be great...Thanks!

By: Joshua
2 days ago
Post: 4300
I believe what you are described would be considered as gold toning, the faint gold color on the surface of your coin?

Toning is due to the coin reacting to various elements or other conditions. Your one seems to be quite light toning, and from what I can see, toned coins are roughly valued around $2-20 extra from their usual value, though some collectors would dislike it on their coins, others would like it.


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