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Greece (ancient empire)
Question: Identification?

Please, if you can, identify this coin!
Thank you,

By: Paul
Web reference:
1. [www.icollector.c]

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Troas, I believe, 188 to 133BC. The one in our picture sold for $1650 US dollars by Gemini Auctions.

There is a good chance yours is a modern copy. I have not found any that look exactly like it. The surfaces look un-naturally even. See also [icollector] web reference to the left.

Here is the Gemini description:

TROAS. Ilium. Ca. 188-ca. 160 BC. Silver tetradrachm (16.79 gm). Head of Athena right in triple-crested Attic helmet adorned with olive branch above visor /AQHNAS ILIADOS, Athena standing right, holding spear over shoulder with right hand and distaff in left, kerykeion in inner left field, owl standing right in inner right field, magistrates' names KLE-WNOS across field and ZWILOU in exergue. Bellinger 17. BMC 10. Obverse slightly double struck. Nearly extremely fine

Estimate: $2750

By: Peter
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Thank you very much, Paul !



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