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Inscription: English East India Company - Question: Value?

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That's a nice one. It is from British India, time of the Madras Presidency. The coin is designated KM 422 in the Standard Catalog of World coins, with a denomination of 5 rupees. Date is 1820. The value depends first on the value of gold, and second on the demand from collectors.

Gold content is 3.88 grams, or 0.125 troy ounces. At today's gold market level, that's Base Value (BV) of $161 US dollars.

Collector demand varies with the condition of the coin. Yours looks like a nice specimen, so I'd add about $100 to the BV to get the overall value. If you can find the right collector, he or she may be willing to pay more than $100 over BV.

Approximat ely: value is $260.

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If that coin is still available and if you are interested to sell the coin, I would like it to purchase from you.
Please let me know.

Thank you.


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