By: Jordan

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19 days ago
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Date: 1885 - Questions: Value? Genuine? Condition?

Just bought this for $10 in an antique shop in China. I want to know if it’s genuine, how the wear is and the value of it.

By: Paul
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19 days ago
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At $10 US dollars, you did well. Nice. Genuine, yes.

See the link [] under Web Reference to the left.

The link gives our database page on these shooting thalers. It has pictures, description, and approximate values. I'd say yours is in average circulated condition.
By: Jordan
19 days ago
Post: 1156
Thanks for the reply, I think i got quite a steal for $10 lol.
By: paultudor
6 days ago
Post: 1716
Hi there Jordan!Is it silver?Could be genuine and if so you made a great deal as the shooting thalers are in demand due to their beauty and low mintage, especially the early dates of the festival.On the other hand, most of the forgeries come from China and you'll be able to see coins similar to yours on aliexpress.You should have a look and compare when you have time.
I'm not saying your coin is not authentic it's just that i can't trust anyone that makes plastic rice!!:))


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