By: Sumit Bhola

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20 days ago
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Date: 2018 - Inscription: Happy New Year 2018 - Question: Problems?

Hello! Mr. Paul , it's not regarding coin it's just related to you... Hope everything is ok with you ? As I am trying contacting you through Facebook but you aren't replying my any message. Hope you are fine ?
Please message me through Facebook.

By: Paul
20 days ago
Post: 1196
Hi Sumit ::: I don’t use fb messenger any more. But I do use email. Do I have your email address? Not sure. Please type it into a reply to this post in the space that says email. I’ll see it, but no one else will.
By: Paul
15 days ago
Post: 1409
I sent you an email at your gmail address. Facebook messanger I don't use it.


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