By: Rojîyar

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18 days ago
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Questions: Value? Condition?

Persia,Safavid dynasty,Sultan Hussein,Silver
Minted in the city of Qazvin
1131 AH(1718 or 1719 AD)

By: Paul
Web reference:
1. [www.poinsignon-n]

17 days ago
Post: 1201

That is a very pretty coin. Finding a value is elusive. Searching on Safavid (also Safawiden), Hussein (also Husayn), and Qazvin (also Quazwin) produced no solid data. There are several variations dated 1131, but we only analyzed the ones like yours.

First picture: unsold at 100 euros
Second picture: unsold at 2000 rs
Web link [poinsignon] (to the left): sold, but price not published

My best guess is that a collector would pay $30 or $40 US dollars for your coin.

By: Rojîyar
17 days ago
Post: 1210
30 or 40?
Not bad!!!
I got this for only 25 $(23 $ the coin+2 $ postage)
Thanks friend
By: Paul
17 days ago
Post: 1224
Remember, that's just a guess on my part. I usually find many recent auction results before assigning values to coins. We subscribe to a 'Pro' database of auction results, and that helps immensely. However, with your coin, I could not find any sound results.

Neverthele ss, it is still a nice looking coin. You did well!
By: Rojîyar
15 days ago
Post: 1302
Hi Paul
I found one of these coins on this website and the price is 53 $
What do you think?
Here take a look:

https://ww yrus_coins/28/product/it em_32229_safavid_iranian _dynasty_shah_sultan_hus sein_ah_11051135_silver_ abbasi_qazvin_mint_scarc e_ah1131_ad1718_album_3_ 26832_km_282_pleasing_co in/74207/Default.aspx
By: Paul
15 days ago
Post: 1304
Yes, absolutely. VCoins is an excellent coin dealer site. Their coin is certainly the same as yours. Their price of $53 US dollars is completely consistent with my $30 to $40 estimate. Coin prices easily vary by plus or minus 50 percent.

Note, also, that $53 is an asking price, not a selling price. VCoins may have to lower their price in order to sell the coin.


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