By: Homer

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16 days ago
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Inscription: Ahenobarbus - Questions: Value? Genuine?

Hello.I am looking help for my coin.Is a real?Thanks

By: Joshua
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15 days ago
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The links on the left shows your coin in greater detail. It is from a more prominent family during the Roman Republic.

Your coin appears to be quite valuable, if genuine. Some auction sites are able to sell coins at a higher price due to their reputation, but for a safer estimate of the value of your coin, again if genuine, around a few hundred dollars, to maybe a thousand?

If the coin seems to be genuine, I would recommend perhaps having it graded by companies such as NGC.

By: Homer
15 days ago
Post: 1296
Thanks a lot Joshua for all the information
By: Paul

15 days ago
Post: 1303

Homer & Joshua :::: Very cool coin. With the potential of being very valuable, I thought a side-by-side comparison would be helpful. What do you think? All of the design elements appear to be in place on Homer's coin, but they do not fill the planchet (coin blank) as well as the genuine piece. Of course there are big differences in photo quality as well.

The genuine coin pictured comes from Numismatica ARS Classica, where it sold for a whopping $2273 US dollars during a 2017 auction. As always, CoinQuest is grateful the ARS Classica for use of their coin photo. It is a really beautiful coin.

Homer's coin is in much worse condition than the ARS Classica piece, which means value will be much less. Nevertheless, there is a good possibility that Homer's coin is genuine.

Here is the auction description from ARS Classica:

Lot number: 35
Price realized: 2,250 CHF
The Roman Republic
Cn. Domitius Ahenobarbus. Denarius, mint moving with Cn. Domitius Ahenobarbus 41-40, AR 3.64 g. AHENOBAR Male head r., slightly bearded. Rev. CN·DOMITIVS·IMP Trophy with two spears and shield standing facing on prow r. Babelon Domitia 21. Sydenham 1177. Sear Imperators 339. RBW 1803. Crawford 519/2.
Rare. Light iridescent tone and good very fine
Ex M&M sale 81, 1995, 250.
Estimate: 1500 CHF

By: Homer

15 days ago
Post: 1306

What ever guys you help me a lot.I send more photos may help better.The details of the coin is 19 mm x 4.3 gram.Once time Thanks

By: Joshua
14 days ago
Post: 1322
Can't make up my mind on this,

On one hand, it is a little suspicious due to the fact of the poorer quality of the inscriptions and detail on the reverse.

However, it could just be the lighting and photo quality, and of natural wear.

Perhaps I would recommend visiting a local appraiser or a coin shop to have them get an opinion on the matter, as they are able to examine it in person. I don't recommend offering to sell it, just a plain consultation, as there may be a chance that they may request to buy it at a unreasonably cheap price, if it is genuine.

If it seems to be real, then I would recommend having it appraised by companies such as NGC, though pricey, they typically have the final say if your item is real or not.
By: Homer
14 days ago
Post: 1332
Thanks Joshua.Your advice help me a lot.Once time Thanks


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