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17 days ago
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Date: 1933 - Questions: Genuine? Error?

I have had this for several years, in a coin book that was given to me. The back of the coin looks normal to me. The front of this coin has both the front and the back images stamped on the same side.
Anyone ever heard of this or seen it before?

By: Paul

17 days ago
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Coins are made by placing a planchet (a 'coin blank') between two hard-metal dies and smashing the dies together with great force. The patterns in the die, one obverse ('heads') and one reverse ('tails'), are imprinted into the planchet.

Sometimes a coin gets stuck on one of the dies, instead of ejecting from the minting machine as normal coins would. Subsequent blanks fed into the machine are stamped with the stuck coin. This produces a valuable brockage error coin.

Your pictures need to show the entire coin. I think you have a brockage, but I am not 100% sure. Seeing the back would also help. The back of a brockage looks like a normal coin.

In any event, if it is a brockage, it is valuable. The one in our picture above sold for $32 US dollars on eBay. That gives you an idea of approximate value.

By: Richard

16 days ago
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Here are a couple of updated pictures. Front and back. What do you think?
The date is very clear, and you can clearly see the mirror image of the word 'States'


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