By: Travis

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17 days ago
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Inscription: Front: GOOD FOR 5¢ IN TRADE Back: GEO. ARMATAS - Questions: Identification? Value? Condition?

I can’t find much info. on this particular coin. Any help would be appreciated. I’ve had this since I was eight years old.

By: Paul
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17 days ago
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Nice. It is an old-time 'good for' token. Today merchant use 'loyalty' promotions to retain customers. Yesterday they use 'good for' tokens. Customers could spend their tokens just like money, as long as they were in the merchant's store.

It would be interesting to know who George Armatas was. A merchant of some type, to be sure.

Tokens like yours are collected by coin collectors. That gives them value. For approximate value, go to the [] link under Web Reference to the left.

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16 days ago
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I only found one auction record for this token (linked under web reference to the left) - it sold for $9.38 in an eBay auction in 2012.


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