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3 months ago
Post: 1333
Date: 1899 - Question: Condition?

I bought this coin a long time ago. Grading is a very subjective matter. Is it worth to grade that coin? Some specialists say that is a MS64 'for sure', but others say AU58. Some say 'don´t grade it. It´s very pricey', others say 'grade it'. I don´t think that grade it will make the coin more valuable, but I´m open to other opinions.

By: Ethan
3 months ago
Post: 1337
That looks like a counterfeit. Would only be worth bullion value
By: Paul
3 months ago
Post: 1338
The decision to slab or not-to-slab is one of simple economics: will the slabbing fee be recovered by the likely outcome? To answer that question, you must know how to grade coins yourself. Expertise in grading comes from (1) book learning, and (2) first-hand experience. The first-hand experience costs money when you are starting to learn how to grade, because you need to pay slabbing fees to find out if your grade estimates are accurate.

There is a large jump in value (usually) when a coin's grade rises off of AU into MS territory. So, pirgah, your half eagle would have to grade at least MS-60 to justify spending the slabbing fee.

How do you tell an MS coin from an AU coin? First: has the coin been in a collection since it left the mint? If it has seen circulation, it cannot be MS. Second: is original mint luster present? Luster gives a frosty appearance when moved through a light source. If the surfaces are shiney, they are not lustrous. Shiney coins are circulated. Third: is there faint wear on the high spots? A magnifier and an experienced eye is required for this.

Your coin looks AU to me. There is luster present, but the fields look like they have seen circulation, and the high spots look slightly worn.


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