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16 days ago
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Date: 2016 - Inscription: Quarter dollar united states - Questions: Identification? Error? Variety?

I found this 2016 quarted while going through three rolls of quarters I got from the bank last week it has a golden copper appearance under magnification is this some sort of proto type coin or experimental maybe anybody have an idea there was one other but it didn't have the color this one has thanks for looking

By: Ash Bash
16 days ago
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I am unsure what kind of toning this coin has, if possible more focused photos in daylight would help alot. Explanations could be it's been toned in a bag, which can sometimes increase value depending on how nice the toning looks, or the toning can be caused by heat or other things like chemicals coming into contact with the coin and tarnishing it. It could also have been gold plated however this doesn't increase its value either.

By: Ethan
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16 days ago
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Check the web link thread on the left for the answer to your question.


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