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11 days ago
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Date: 1947 - Questions: Value? Genuine? Error?

The reverse side has some extra metal on it. The metal looks like it was fused on. Could it have happened outside of the mint?

By: Joshua
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11 days ago
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In my opinion, I think it is solder, not a mint error. See the reverse side, where you noted there being metal that was fused on, it is similar to the bits that I see on the rim of the coin.

From that, I guess the coin was formally used as some sort of decorative piece, attached to something.

Unfortunat ely, solder only decreases the value of your coin.

The only good news is that your coin is minted in 1947, where the link on the left states that it is minted out of silver. I would estimate it to be somewhere between $1-5, as typically, coins with a silver content sell faster, whether to collectors or scrap metal collectors.

By: Paul
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10 days ago
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See the web reference to the left. A pre-1965 US dime contains 0.07234 troy ounces of silver. Today's silver price is $17 US dollars per troy ounce. Your dime contains 0.07234 x 17 = $1.22 worth of silver.


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