By: Simon

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13 days ago
Post: 1494
Great Britain
Date: 1965 - Inscription: Dei Gratia Regina Elizabeth II - Questions: Identification? Value? Variety?

Hi, I got a few of these coins from my late Grandfather and I cannot find any information on them online. Can someone please help ID them please and point me to a website or catalogue I can find them on. I am not planning on selling them but want to value for insurance purposes etc.

By: Paul
13 days ago
Post: 1503
Hi Simon,

Your coins are modern issues from Great Britain. Queen Elizabeth is the current queen, and her coins generally hold only face value because they are so recent.

If you press the 'Coin Location' button above, a list of countries will appear. Go to the country you are interested in, e.g., Great Britain for the coins you have posted, and you will see pictures of all the coins in our database from that county. The coins are pictured in order by date. Scroll down the page (you may have to press the 'later dates' button) and find the coins you have. Approximate values are given for each coin.

However, your coins have been 'doctored' by an artist. They have been plated with gold and some have been colored with silver. Such doctored coins are sold as novelties and gifts, not as collectible coins. A gift shop may be able to give you estimates of value. Don't take them to a coin shop, as the coin dealer there will probably not want them unless, of course, he sells gives as well as coins.
By: Richard
12 days ago
Post: 1538
Just a footnote these are from royal mint official sets Whilst not of great value they have not been doctored as in like the enameled coins we see people make. If you go to the Royal Mint site you will see the coins I think the are Rhodium and gold plated. It was to commemorate 80 years of George V . Just another excuse for the Royal Mint to make money really :)
By: Paul
12 days ago
Post: 1539
Oh, I did not know that. Value on the secondary market is still low. They look really nice.
By: Simon
11 days ago
Post: 1569
Thank you to both of you for your swift and detailed replies. I really appreciate the information and it is really nice to connect with experts so easily. Thank you again.


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