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Date: 1880 - Questions: Identification? Value? Variety?

1880 Alfonso Xll 50 Cs De Peso. Philippines coin made out of brass. I find the silver in the data base but not the brass

By: Paul

2 months ago
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Hello, Joe. Very interesting. Referring to the KM catalog (as we do all the time here at CoinQuest), there is no mention of brass 50 centavos. But, checking the 'Pro' CoinArchives database, there are pattern coins struck in brass. Nice!

Your coin is pretty well beat up. That is too bad, as post-mint damage lowers value substantially. Collectors don't like damaged coins. However, some of the database listings say that 'striations' are common with the brass issues. All in all, you have a valuable coin. My guess is that a collector would pay $200 US dollars for it, and maybe substantially more.

The one in our picture above is the most valuable out of the 6 listings in the database. The most valuable (pictured) sold for $1400 US dollars during a 2016 auction by Heritage ( The least valuable (not pictured) sold for $340.

Here is the description from the Heritage auction:

Price realized: 1,400 USD (Approx. 1,285 EUR / 945 GBP / 1,391 CHF)
Philippines Alfonso XII brass Pattern 50 Centavos 1880 SP64 PCGS, KM-Pn17. SCWC incorrectly lists this issue as bronze. Lustrous, and broadly struck, as are the few others of this type we have seen as if they were not properly struck in collar. A very scarce pattern/trial issue of the first date of this type. Estimate: 1000-1200 USD


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