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Date: 1881 - Questions: Identification? Value? Genuine?

i have a g.simon stuttgart piano with two medals built into the piano Appears to be bronze maybe. Side a has a mans side view of face with beard, Inscription Karl Konig von Wurttenberg. Side b has the inscription, WURTEMB LANDES-GEWERBE-AUSTELLU NG IN STUTTGART 1881. around the outer edge. It depicts a Toga clad woman kneeling with hand outstretched. Below a woman who looks like she is about to place a tiara on the first womans head

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CoinQuest has been looking at people's coins since 2009 and this is the first one embedded in a piano! Very cool. My piano teacher would be impressed.

The Stuttgart medals come in gold, silver, and bronze. The silver one in our picture comes from Auktionen Münzhandlung Sonntag and it sold for $240 US dollars. Typical prices for fully uncirculated medals are:

GOLD $3400

Your medal, of course, carries no numismatic value since coin collectors seldom include musical instruments in their collections!

Here is the technical description from Sonntag, followed by Google translate

Altdeutsche Münzen und Medaillen, Württemberg, Karl 1864-1891
Silberne Prämienmedaille 1881 von K. Schwenzer, der württembergischen Landesgewerbeausstellung in Stuttgart. Wie vorher. KR 35a, Ebner 113, Klein (Schwenzer) 21. 45,2 mm, 36,15 g. Auflage: 292 Exemplare.
minimaler Randfehler, winzige Kratzer, vorzüglich-Stempelglanz

Old German coins and medals, Württemberg, Karl 1864-1891
Silver Premium Medal 1881 by K. Schwenzer, the Württemberg state trade exhibition in Stuttgart. As previously. KR 35a, Ebner 113, Small (Schwenzer) 21. 45.2 mm, 36.15 g. Edition: 292 copies.
minimal marginal error, tiny scratches, excellent-Stempelglanz

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Thanks for the swift reply and all the information, yea it had me baffled as to why they were built into the piano i haven't been able to find another piano of the same make with any medals built into it or with the candle holder looking components... and it looks professionally done also, any sites like this for pianos haha


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