By: Nicole

Ancients & Medievals
Metallic gray

9 days ago
Post: 1567

How come I can't find one identical to mine ?

By: Joshua
9 days ago
Post: 1573
Ptolemaic Egyptian coins aren't as easy to identity unfortunately, in comparison to Roman coins, where they have Latin inscriptions that can be searched up as they are basically English letters. Greek lettering isn't as easily searched up as Latin.

I would suppose your best option may be to have it examined in person by a local expert. I find that most of these coins are identified by chance, that you just happen to see an identical coin to your one, that had already been identified.

The only knowledge I have is that it is from most likely a male from that dynasty, one of the Ptolemies. However, I can't figure out which Ptolemy it was, as there are more then 10 kings by that same name from memory.


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