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Date: 1955 - Questions: Identification? Genuine? Error?

By: Joshua
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The link to the left is to a page that has more details.

However, your one may be an interesting one. Your one is minted in 1955, which the usual Steel Pennies aren't. It could be a common one cent coin that was silver plated, or a mint error.

Perhaps you should bring it to an expert to have it examined in person, or/and wait around if there are any more opinions on your coin. Cleaning only decreases a coin's value, so please refrain from doing so.

By: Paul
10 days ago
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That is an interesting coin. An in-person inspection is needed. It may be a 'wrong planchet' error, where a planchet (coin blank) from a foreign country gets into a US minting machine. If it is a wrong planchet error, the weight will be different than that of a US penny. Take it to a jeweler for an accurate weight, accurate to the nearest 0.1 gram. A normal 1955D US penny weighs exactly 3.11 grams.


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