By: Donnie

Errors & Varieties
8 days ago
Post: 1612
Date: 1865 - Question: Value?

By: Donnie

8 days ago
Post: 1616

Tried to get better pic of the double die on date . It's doubled at bottom of date

By: Paul
7 days ago
Post: 1637
Your pictures aren't really good enough to tell, but the Cherrypicker's Guide lists and 1865 doubled die variety of the US nickel III cent piece. You probably have it. The Guide says $75 in average circulated condition, but I have not verified this with actual auction results.

The $75 would be catalog value. Actual buy and sell values are usually less than catalog.

If you are interested in die varieties of US coins, you MUST invest in a copy of Cherrypicker's Guide.


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