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8 days ago
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Date: 1670 - Question: Value?

Hello Paul,

I stumbled across this one today and i'm not yet sure if i should buy it or not.Looks like a basel thaler,(nd)but around 1670,quite rare according to coinfactswiki but not that special when checking krause(KM 119, Dav-1745).Couldn't find any previous sale excepting the one mentioned in coinfactswiki.Condition is decent but that plugged hole/mounting trace is killing it!If i hurry up i might be able to take it for around 200$ though i'm still considering if too put my money into a damaged coin.Thank you in advance!

By: Paul

5 days ago
Post: 1772

Yo, Paul ::::

First, thanks for all your contributions to our forum. I appreciate your expertise.

The 'Pro' database has 2 auction results. Top coin sold for $1113 USD in 2014, bottom coin for $2999 in 2012.

My personal rule: Buy a coin only if you like it, not because it is a good deal.

$200 sounds very attractive, but the damage is severe. If you have other damaged coins in your collection, go for it. If you don't, you will cringe every time you look at it saying 'I spent money on that!?'

Just my opinion, of course.

By: paultudor
5 days ago
Post: 1791
Thank you for your time Paul! I'm more than happy to give an opinion regarding a known coin but unfortunately in most of the cases i'm not actually familiar with the topics(U.S,ancient,
chinese, indian coins,etc.)Regarding the Basel thaler i believe the one in your pictures is the 1690 version, in spite of that i managed to find auctions with the 1670 one and the prices tend to be in the same range for both types.I decided not to go for it as i honestly don't want more damaged coins in my collection unless it's extremely rare. Actually this year i'm going to slowly offload
the damaged coins(mostly mounting traces)and the modern ones.Once again i thank you for your research!


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