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3 months ago
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Date: 1862 - Inscription: una cuartilla - Questions: Value? Genuine? Condition?

By: Joshua
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The first link to the left is a page with details about your coin. In my opinion, it looks real, though quite worn.

If I am correct in my research, 'Una Cuartilla' would refer to a different coin, such as the one in the second link to the left, then the one in the photos you included.

By: alex llamas
3 months ago
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the first link doesnt describe the same coin, it refers to 'un quarto' coin, this coin reads 'una cuartilla'. I have both coins but even when the design looks similar the size is very different:
una quartilla:32 mm
un quarto: 28 mm

I really appreciate your answer. I am trying to learn and all info is welcome
By: Paul
Web reference:
1. [listado.mercadol]

3 months ago
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Hi Alex ::: Some heavy-duty squinting and Googling indicates that the back reads ESTADO LIBRE DE JALISCO (Free State of Jalisco). Then a search on 'cuartilla estado libre de jalisco' yeilds a few results. I could not find this coin in our Pro database, which means it is probably quite rare.

See web reference [mercadolibre] when a price of over $1000 US dollars is presented. I do not know anything about this web site, but I doubt that $1000 is actual value. It is probably more like $100 to $200, but that it just a guess.

BTW, cuartilla = quartilla = quarto = 1/4 real. Your coin is certainly cuartilla, and quarto is a different coin.

These old Mexican issues are tough. They are always valuable and almost impossible to find in decent condition.

I hope this is helpful for your continued research.

(Note that I changed the title of your thread to be more descriptive. Thanks for posting this super-cool coin!)


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