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Post: 1675
Date: 1796 - Inscription: DEI GRATIA CAROLUS IIII HISPAN ET IND REX - Questions: Value? Genuine? Condition? Problems?

I’m aware of the hole and the terrible condition of the face.

By: Joshua
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6 days ago
Post: 1677
The link to the left is to a page with more details about your coin. I would guess the coin to be somewhere in worn to average circulated condition, considering though the coin is reasonably good in detail, it damage it suffered due to the hole.

Excellent sighting of details on your part, thank you as it made finding more about your coin easier.

In my opinion, it looks real,though this is just an opinion as I am not an expert in authentication. I would suppose the hole and wear on the coin would Roughly, at max, cut the value down by half. It would depend on who would be interested in it, a collector possibly would go around half of its typical estimated value, a coin store, most likely even more as they would have to make a profit from reselling that coin.



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