By: alex llamas

Coins of the World
Metallic brown

6 days ago
Post: 1685
Questions: Value? Condition? Problems?

The cents are uncleaned.

Any advice to clean this kind/condition of coins?

By: Joshua
6 days ago
Post: 1693
Cleaning modern coins, such as the ones in the photo destroys them, and makes them nearly loose all their value, maybe a few cents to a few dollars to a low budget collector.

See the coin with a green color line across the surface, it could be just some dirt, or a chemical 'infection' [ bronze disease? ] , which if cleaned, would only trigger it to speread.

Best advice, leave them as they are. These coins are Meant to look like that, any cleaning of them would destroy its value and natural preservation.
By: Paul
6 days ago
Post: 1707
There is not much you can do once coins look like that. There are professional 'conservation' services which use museum-quality preservation techniques to improve the eye appeal of old coins, but these services are expensive and the expense would not be justified for low-value coins like yours.

Collectors stay away from coins that look like yours. They want their collections to have plenty of appeal.


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