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8 days ago
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Questions: Identification? Value? Genuine?

By: paultudor
8 days ago
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Hi there Jacy!

It looks like a parthian 2-3 century ad. coin to me. Please wait for some more answers as i'm not into ancient coins!
By: Paul
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8 days ago
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Without the help of Paul Tudor, I would have been lost. But, following his lead, you appear to have a base metal (AE) drachm of Sanabares of the Indo-Parthian kingdom. The [vcoins] link to the left takes you to Ariana Coins, where the example in the picture above is on sale for 75 GBP. Jacy's coin would be worth less, because it is not as well defined as the Ariana piece. It certainly looks genuine. CoinQuest thanks Ariana Coins for use of their coin photo.

I have also seen examples from CNG, which sold for $40 during a 2010 auction. CoinQuest does not have a copyright agreement with CNG, so I cannot show the pictures, but they look more like Jacy's coin.

Here is Ariana's description:

Indo-Parth ian, Gondopharid Dynasty. Sanabares. Usurper, mid 1st century AD. AE Drachm. 14.50mm, 3.52gm. Uncertain mint in North Eastern Iran. Diademed bust left, star-in-crescent before / Archer seated left on throne, holding bow, Π below bow. Senior 266.1D. Good very fine. earthen patina.

Remember, the prices discussed above are retail prices, that is, prices a collector might pay to buy the coin. If you wanted to sell your coin to a coin dealer, the dealer would probably pay about one-half of the retail price.

By: Joshua
8 days ago
Post: 1741
The market for Ancient coins, while continuously changing due to times, doesn't have as large of a demand to Ancient Parthian coins in contrast to Roman or Greek ones.

From the ones I have seen on places such as eBay, they typically would go for around $20-40. Your one, from my opinion, or at least if I am selling it, would price it at $25 USD.

Cleaning is not needed on this coin, it is in expected condition for its age.


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