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8 days ago
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Inscription: IMP SER SVLP GALBA CAESAR AVG TR P, LIBERTAS PVBLICA - Questions: Value? Genuine?

By: pirgah
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8 days ago
Post: 1722
Please take a look at the link (left). Choose your coin at right. There are some subtile differences from the image you posted to the one that shows a real coin. I´m not saying yours is a fake one, because I have no expertise on authenticating coins, but look carefully. Let´s wait for another contributor here to help us.
By: paultudor
8 days ago
Post: 1726
Looks like a fake to me!Copy of a 68 ad,Rome, Galba sestertius.Don't think it's a paduan sestertius either!Ancient coins are hard to master and there's plenty of forgeries on the market!Please wait for more replies as this is not my field in numismatics!
By: Joshua
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8 days ago
Post: 1739
As for the case if it is a Paduan replica, you have to judge for yourself. The link to the left is to a page that has some info and pictures that you may be able to compare with.

I can only say quite certainly that it isn't an authentic coin made during the Roman Empire.


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