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Date: 1835 - Questions: Value? Genuine? Condition? Problems? Error? Variety?

Hi, please help me with the genuineness and any issue for 1835 coin.what could be it's estimated price and if it is cleaned

By: Joshua
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The link to the left is to a page that has more details about your coin.

The following information below is just my opinion on the matter, not a proven fact.

Not sure if it is genuine, opinion on genuineness divided. See the brown spots on the coin, it could just be dirt, or something else. The fact is that due to the coin being shiny, which I do not know if it naturally looks like that, or if it was cleaned, that some of the 'dirt' looks a little out of place. However, on the side of the coin with the portrait, it looks like it has suffered some natural wear, which fake coins usually avoid doing so.

I typically would not rely on grading by dealers that mark the coin as 'XF quality' as they tend to exaggerate. I would guess from the link, it be somewhere around average circulated to well preserved.

I would wait for another opinion on your coin first as I am not an expert in authentication, especially as this coin is a higher priced item.

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Thanks Joshua. Looking forward to other members for advice
By: paultudor
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From my point of view i'd say it's very likely to be genuine especially because of their mintage(ten's of millions from what i managed to find). Now, the 'XF' condition makes it hard for me to see the letters on truncation(F,RS?) in order to determine the type of the rupee.All in all, and please take no offense as i tend to be more skeptical when pricing coins, i just don't think your one is of great value,maybe 20-30$. Better grades start from 60-70$ but i'm not aware of the demand level regarding this type of coin.


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