By: phil mac

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8 days ago
Post: 1750
Inscription: tu domine . spes mea franc d.g - Questions: Identification? Value? Genuine?

Going through my dads old coin collection. I think this is definately a fake, the 'gold' seems to be wearing off. Is it a fake ? It doesn't weigh like a gold coin.

By: Joshua
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8 days ago
Post: 1753
The link to the left shows the original design that your replica coin is based upon.

It is a forgery/fake as you noted, due to the fact that that for an original one, the gold can't just wear off, and that the details on the coin are in higher quality.

Still, I would say it can be worth somewhere around $1-5.
By: phil mac
7 days ago
Post: 1768
Many thanks for the offer, the collection has roughly 60-80 UK coins, mostly not much value, a few worth $10-30$ I think according to this site, then about 120-130 foreign coins, again mostly low value, with a few $20-$50, retail values that is.


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