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Seriously,...have a lot of coins from everywhere...inherited no order and havent a clue what to do with them? Suggestions? Probably all worthless, but. . ya never know until you look right? I jist cannotsearch through them as it would literally take me forever, ha!
There are some organization to the 50 lbs of pennies, those are sorted in tubes by year...everything else is just in a box. Grandfather was an auctioneer, and i guess got coins from all over, cuba, third reich, greece, canada, mexico, etc etc etc.
Just overwherlned and tired of moving with them what would you all do? Im near tallahassee fl if that helps

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Well, you never know what people collect in their coin collection until you do at least a rough check. A friend of mine paid $10 for a coin from an unsorted lot, turns out it was worth around $150 USD.

I could recommend perhaps, if you are looking to sell, have them listed up on eBay, it is a reasonably good site to sell of stuff.

Anyways, before you do so, I would first recommend at least getting a rough estimate on what you are actually selling off.

Though this site usually asks for individual photos of coins, perhaps I can ask you for a few photos of the various lots? If it is as much coins as I think you have, posting a coin at a time would be troublesome, though I am currently free for a few months, so I should have plenty of time to help you out specifically. Perhaps you could just stick to this post for communication, and I could check up typically daily to help out where I can.

A note would be that coin shops typically would offer a amount less then what it is worth, as they would have to cover their own costs in their business. I also just may be interested to purchase a few items if you decide to sell.
By: Paul
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First, you must identify which coins might be silver or gold. They have significant value just from metal content. Skim those off. No circulating coins from any country dated after 1965 are made of gold or silver. If the pennies are from the US, they must be dated before 1934 to possibly carry significant value. Skim those off. US and non-US coins dated before 1850 usually carry decent value. Skim again. Also skim all coins in protective holders, cardboard, plastic, etc. Finally, any coin that looks especially nice and catches your eye could be quite valuable.

Make two piles: (1) those you have skimmed and (2) what’s left.

Find two coin dealers. Take the what’s left pile to the first dealer and offer it for sale. Sell it.

Take the skimmed pile to the second dealer. It is best to try to look up approximate values for these coins before you sell. If the dealer offers you more than one-third of your look up value, sell. Look up values are always inflated as published, and non-collectors tend to inflate the already inflated values.


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