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Modern Coins
7 days ago
Post: 1781

Have this set, 1941 and 2001..value if any?

By: Joshua
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Post: 1801
Well, the set has a reasonable worth,

The Silver Eagle coin that has the inscriptions stating it has 1oz of silver has a value of at minimum, the current price of silver. Typically, in that condition, with the coin still being in a original set, it could still sell for averagely, $20-30.

The 1941 Walking Liberty coin is also made out of silver, take a look at the page from the links to the left to get an idea of its value.

Seeing as all the coins are in a original set presumably, it may be worth an extra $10-30.
By: koleta
3 days ago
Post: 2007
Thanks for the reply, appreciate it, truly...and as for your reply on my other question thanks and i may pick out the ones that look interesting and let you have a look as i have no clue!


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