By: Hira Nadeem

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5 days ago
Post: 1783
Inscription: Some person is giving me at 50$. .does it worth smthing...too much damage - Questions: Identification? Value? Genuine?

By: Hira Nadeem
4 days ago
Post: 1816
Is there somebody who's gonna answer me???
By: paultudor
4 days ago
Post: 1820
Does anyone contributing to this site owe you anything?Don't think so!People like you don't realize that information costs money, but then you find it in places like this for free and of course, if you don't get your answer soon enough you think it's normal to become impatient.You should try manners before numismatics,it'll prove helpful in the future!
By: Paul
4 days ago
Post: 1831
Well said, paultudor.

To estimate a coin's value, you first must identify it. After identification, then you have to look up values, usually in the form of auction results. I have not identified it yet.

An elephant often means is comes from Mysore. Small copper usually means it is a paisa. But I think it is a horse, not an elephant. Hard to tell for sure.

Hira -- Do you know if this is a paisa from Mysore? If not, do you know anything about the coin?
By: Hira Nadeem
3 days ago
Post: 1863
M sorry for mah impatience....but m a non English one...if mah wording shows disrespect dn m sorry...for me it was the simplest wording i can use...nd i know nothing about coins a friend of mine who who dont know english was asking me 4 it...
By: Paul
Web reference:
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2 days ago
Post: 1928
I have note been able to identify your coin. Perhaps someone can help. Typical values for coins similar to yours are shown on the web link (to the left) []


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